The hellions, naughty and rascal.  Those are the few words that will linger in your mind when you  hear or experience the story and activities of the gang during our high school  days.  The most memorable moments in our lives. These include adventures, thrills, fights and many more. We build this section to reminisce the past. As  I can recall, our team used to find  ‘entertainment victims’ (Entertainment too feed our happiness  and boredom) and make fun of them. Once we pick a victim, the contract will  end for a  year. Or even forever.  (Damn, curse us)!  Until today, we’re still doing the same activity but not as notorious as before.




How  the team formed?  We don’t get together instantly. As a  matter of fact, some of us are enemy and just became  friends.  It all started during our first year high school under the supervision of our great teacher; Francisco ‘Quikoh’ Garcia III.