The gang   leader of  the  evil  plans.  He is naughty, stingy when it comes to MONEY but nice and friendly. You’re unfortunate i f  you happen to be his center of  attraction. You may loose your self esteem and may even cry. You will end up walking out without your bells on. He also love to put a  name   on you that will  click  to  other  people. 




The right hand. The silent type. This  person is  kind IF  you’re  nice and vice versa.  Attacking foes with the act of  simplicity. Together with Istaipen, they will fool people whom they believe to be deserving) using   a piece of paper and a pen. They will  draw you and  make fun. Will even  make you a story through  comics. Or worst, they will make an advertisement posted around the city walls with your face , digits  and other details on it.




The coconut man. The loyal follower of Istaipen. He loves music  and girls so much. A half wit member  of the  team but surely a loyal  friend.




The youngest  among the  team. He is a cry baby with the innocent look.  But the  most rascal. He will make fun  and tease you 24/7.  He can easily make funny  songs  against you  and ruin your personality. TIP: If you happen to be his enemy, just give him a Tazmania collection and you will instantly  see a white dove flying. You’re safe.




The ‘500’ guy. Second to the youngest.  He is smart, nice and well behaved in the  class. In the dark side, he will  never get  tired  of laughing and criticizing  other people’s defect (physically or mentally). He can easily imagine funny stories  and rumors. And FYI, this ‘good boy’ has no exemption. He will make fun of you even you’re in the highest position.




The ‘Big Show’.   Like Trit, he is also  half wit (But Trit is much worst). He has a ‘Bonjng’ aura and can even finish a large sum of food in a minute. But still asking for more.  His asset is his physical strength. Raw is war!