Kharen Aien Mendoza in real life and was born in the midnight of January 1985. During highschool days, we are active in making funny drawings and stories (see contents). After a year, cosplay was introduced in the country and we grab the oppurtunity to join and to experience being our favorite characters in a day. We became active in the cosplay world until 2005. During college way back in 2006, we made a film (Kujuu Muttsu) and other short stories, music videos and trailer. After college graduation, I worked as a digital painter for walt disney, warner brothers and universal studio cartoons in an animation company. After a year or two, I moved in a company that I can earn higher than in animation (though arts is in my line of expertise and interest). Presently, I am still active in making photoshoot, Manga/comics and films.




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 My other site: www.istaipen.webnode.com