First encounters





One of the school  activities is the drawing contest. Each section must have two representatives and it was Kart and Istaipen in our class. We have two cartolinas each with coloring materials. Unfortunately, the contest was postponed and I’m in the  bad and lazy mood to bring them  again. I  force Istaipen to  carry my cartolinas for the next day. FACT: We don’t know  each other yet that time. He annoyingly say ‘SINO KA BA,  BAKIT MO AKO UUTUSAN’????!!!’ - I  ignore and walked out.



Breaktime! Istaipen  and some of the boys in class are near  the blackboard. Istaipen noticed Trit alone and he approached him and said  ‘Ako nga pala si Stephen boy! Ikaw’? Trit Replied ‘Tristan’! and they shook their hand.



I was sitting in the back of my classmate Pilonggo and I  noticed that she looks like the brother of ‘Toguro’ in YuYu Hakusho. Her long and curly hair, complexion,  face and built seems perferct. (That may win in the audition if producers decided to make  YuYu hakusho live action).  I approach my classmate  sitting in front of  me (Which is Ace) and share my observation. I don’t even  bother if Pilonggo is listening to us.  Ace simply nodded with a smile..



New seating arrangement. Trit become my  seatmate. I was very fond of YuuYu  hakusho  that time and I always have my  YuYu  album with  me. I was browsing my album and I saw Trit  in a Girraff mode and simply looking on my album. I  voluntary  held my album and I  realized that we have the  same interest. That’s where we became friends.  However,  II really annoy him if there is  a  group  project and he often do NOTHING!!!



Computer period.  I noticed this little  Tsino (who  was accelerated to highschool) sitting alone. I don’t remember the exact  situation but I bully him. Unexpectedly, he was a fighter. But  of  course,  the show must go on.  After a week, Our great adviser Quikoh changed the  seating arrangement and coincidently, me, Tsino  and Istaipen  are seatmates. There our bonding (and searching for victims) begun.



Kristoffer Joan Espinosa ( Espie) is one of the  new comers in class. He was a late enrollee who came from a faraway land of Capiz. He was aloof at first then rumors started to spread that he is a witch  or some kind of elemental being.  Ace is the only student  who befriend  him and he realized that Espie is a harmless Bisayan.



The beginning of the ‘victims’ nightmare. Istaipen and me are creating funny drawing and comics about our  victims. Espie is one of them. We are illustrating him in African theme with medals and his killer smile ( I can’t remember what the medal is for). Ace saw our drawing in laugh. Since then.  He became our friend and secretely enjoying our ‘projects’ against HIS FRIEND Espie.



I was elected as Sgt. at arms in class. I was wondering who is ‘Morales’ which is my buddy  in the  position. Suddenly, I noticed a huge guy eating  and I dunno why I was magnetized to watch him finish the food. I witnessed how he finish  the six large bread with hotdogs and eggs inn almost 5 minutes. I swear ! It made my jaw dropped when he says the food is  NOT ENOUGH!!!   I browse my eyes from head to foot. When I reached his nameplate, there shows ‘Morales’.



Espie used to  curse me together with Tsino and Istaipen  as  suspects  who stole his dignity. Ace stays neutral ( Genius ).  After few months, Espie became our friend and share some interest.  But secretly, we’re still making fun of him. (Nice friends).