Istaipen Mamiya, an ordinary college student in Tokyo who's dream is to simply publish his fantasy novel manga. He has a wild imagination about fantasy and the unusual since he was a kid. He loves adventure, journey and to sketch the things that he can imagine. One day, he draw a place that he wish to travel and to wander.  Coincidentally, he created the exact  map of the other world that an ordinary human has never set foot into.


Because of Istaipen's  extreme belief that such place actually exist, the gate that connects the earth and  second realm unlocked. The world is composed of 47 countries which Ghumba is the center. Ghumba has 4 protectors from North, South, East and West. They are the Dragon, Fire, Snow and Demon. Sadly, the four masters never unite from the first generation until the present due to different strategy, vision and belief.


As determined by fate, Istaipen turns out to be the next Dragon master. According to prophecy, the four masters must merge to save Ghumba to its brink of destruction and to seal the gate that Istaipen accidentally opened. Witness the action, comedy, love and friendship from reality to fantasy as their adventure and the battle for two worlds begin...

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