Major Characters:




A 19 year old college student in Tokyo University. Destined to become the next dragon Master. General Ace went to human world in search for the next protector. He's personality is bubbly, love to make fun of anyone and  have a bit abnormality.




Half human half Ghumbaman. 20 year old Kart grew up in Ghumba and raised as the Demon master. He decided to settle down in the human world for a normal life and never return to Ghumba. However, he met the three masters and this will change his plans. He is snobbish, cold shouldered and cannot easily get along with.





The 11 year old Snow master. Become orphan at the age of five when his father and siblings were killed by the Fire master. When he met Toritoshi, he planned to kill him as revenge for his family's murder. Soon, he decided to join the group. Chinnobi is a cry baby, childish and rascal.






Istaipen's classmate. The accidental fire master of the new generation. He is interfering General Ace while attempting to recruit Istaipen for the position as he thinks that Ace and his team are crazy kidnappers. Toritoshi is bully but coward, like girls so much and have a soft nut to crack.




Supporting characters




The mysterious big man who has been cursed and sleep inside the mysterious pyramid for almost 600 years because of his demonic sign on his forehead that believes to be the future conquerer of Ghumba. When istaipen and the team hunts Katsuhiko, they accidentally awaken the giant and soon Joenas is with the team with every combat.




A 13 year old young general of Ghumba who leads in abducting Istaipen to become the next Dragon master. Ace is the brother of the late Dragon master and promised to get someone who will took his place to regain the dragon spirit. He is grumpy, childish and also love to make fun of anyone even his people.




The black Ghumbaman Colonel. He is the adopted brother of General Ace and with 'Ghumbaman Ace' team. He is one of the conspirator when Ace abducted Istaipen and his Duck. He has an accent problem and a bit half wit.



The Ghumbaman Liutenant. One of the conspirator for the Istaipen abduction. He is nice and  quiet.



The main bodyguard of the Ghumbaman princess. He has a bit of mental disorder. He is once a serious and skillful thief and has been adopted by the Ghumbaman king as a gratitude for saving the princess under the hands of the former fire master.



Ghumbaman Princess. Istaipen's hidden desire. 







Other characters




Istaipen and Trit's classmate that involves in their adventure. The girl that Katsuhiko ( kart ) secretly like.




Istaipen's Duck



Kart's pet